Trend towards large cap funds increased in January, total investment of Rs 1,287 lakh crore

New Delhi, 12 February (HS). Amidst the continuous ups and downs in the stock market, there has been a strong trend towards large cap mutual funds in the month of January. During this period, investors invested Rs 1,287 crore in largecap mutual funds, which is the largest investment made in the last 19 months. During the period under review, there has been about 80 percent more investment in these funds.

According to data received from the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI), earlier in July 2022, an investment of Rs 2,052 crore was made. A total of Rs 716 crore was invested in largecap funds in the same period last year i.e. January 2023. In this way, about 80 percent more investment has been made in these funds during the period under review.

The asset base of mutual funds investing in big companies has increased by about 26 percent to Rs 3 lakh crore in the month of January, whereas in the month of January last year the asset base of large cap mutual funds was Rs 2.38 lakh crore. . It is believed that due to heavy profit booking in midcap and smallcap funds in the month of January, investors' interest increased towards largecap funds.

According to Prashant Dhami, Vice President of Dhami Securities, there has been a tremendous rise in the shares of small and medium companies, due to which investors of mutual funds investing in smallcap and midcap mutual funds have started withdrawing their money. Most of the investors are now using this money in large cap funds, so that the possibility of loss due to market fluctuations can be reduced.

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